How Tall is 170 cm in Feet: A Simple Conversion Guide


When it comes to measurements, understanding different units can be quite perplexing. In this article, we’ll tackle a common question: “How tall is 170 cm in feet?” We’ll provide a straightforward conversion guide to help you easily make this conversion. So, let’s dive right in!

Understanding Centimeters and Feet

Before we get into the conversion, let’s briefly understand the units we’re dealing with.

Centimeters (cm)

Centimeters are a metric unit of length. They are commonly used in most parts of the world for measuring height, length, and other dimensions. One centimeter is equal to one one-hundredth (1/100) of a meter.

Feet (ft)

Feet, on the other hand, are a unit of length commonly used in the United States and a few other countries. One foot is equal to 12 inches or approximately 0.3048 meters.

The Conversion: 170 cm to Feet

Now that we’ve clarified our units, let’s proceed with the conversion.

To convert centimeters to feet, we can use the following formula:


Let’s calculate:

feet=170 cm30.48feet=30.48170 cm​

feet≈5.58 ftfeet≈5.58 ft

So, 170 centimeters is approximately equal to 5.58 feet.

How Tall is 170 cm in Feet?

170 centimeters is equivalent to 5 feet 6.929 inches in feet. This means that someone who is 170 centimeters tall would be about 5 feet 7 inches tall in the United States.

To convert centimeters to feet, you can use the following formula:

feet = centimeters / 2.54

For example, to convert 170 centimeters to feet, you would use the following formula:

feet = 170 / 2.54 = 5 feet 6.929 inches

It is important to note that the conversion between centimeters and feet is not exact. This is because the definition of a foot varies slightly from country to country. In the United States, a foot is defined as exactly 0.3048 meters. However, in other countries, a foot may be slightly longer or shorter.

As a result, the conversion between centimeters and feet may be slightly different depending on the country in which you are located. However, the conversion provided above is accurate to within a few millimeters for most countries.

Knowing your height in both centimeters and feet can be helpful in a variety of situations. For example, if you are traveling to a country that uses feet as its standard unit of measurement, it will be helpful to know your height in feet so that you can accurately compare your height to others. Additionally, if you are working in a field that requires you to be aware of your height, such as construction or medicine, it will be helpful to know your height in both centimeters and feet.

Why Is This Conversion Useful?

Understanding how to convert centimeters to feet can be quite handy, especially when dealing with height measurements. It’s particularly useful when you come across height specifications in one unit but are more comfortable with the other.

Real-Life Examples

Let’s put this conversion into perspective with some real-life examples:

Example 1: A Height Conversion

Suppose you’re reading about the height of a famous athlete, and it’s mentioned that they are 170 cm tall. By quickly converting it to feet, you’ll know that they’re approximately 5.58 feet tall.

Example 2: Shopping for Shoes

You’re shopping for shoes online, and the product description lists the shoe’s height in centimeters. By knowing how to convert to feet, you can better visualize the shoe’s size and make an informed decision.


In conclusion, knowing how to convert units of measurement can be incredibly helpful in various situations. In this article, we’ve addressed the common query, “How tall is 170 cm in feet?” The answer is approximately 5.58 feet. Remember, being able to make such conversions not only adds to your knowledge but also simplifies everyday tasks.


1. Can I round the conversion to a whole number?

Yes, you can round the conversion. In this case, 170 cm would be approximately 5.6 feet.

2. Are there any mobile apps that can help with unit conversions?

Yes, there are several mobile apps available that can help you with unit conversions. Some popular ones include “Unit Converter” and “ConvertPad.”

3. Is it necessary to convert units when traveling to countries that use the metric system?

It can be helpful but is not always necessary. Most countries will provide measurements in both metric and imperial units for the convenience of travelers.

4. How accurate is the conversion from centimeters to feet?

The conversion is accurate for most practical purposes. However, for highly precise scientific work, you might need to consider more decimal places.

5. Are there any shortcuts for making unit conversions mentally?

Yes, there are some simple approximation techniques, but they might not be as precise as using a calculator. One common shortcut is to remember that 30 cm is approximately equal to 1 foot.

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